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Standard Listings:

  • All submissions must be to the domain root for the website. Deep pages are not allowed for main listings (they may be listed in a featured listing - see below).
  • Enter the full address for the URL including the trailing slash at the end. For example:
  • The Title must be the title of the web site. Keyword spammed or "SEO" titles will be rejected.
  • The description field should be a short description of what the website has to offer. Marketing puffery will be deleted if the listing is accepted. Gun may edit or re-write the description as it deems fit.
  • The email address field is for *your* email address. If you are not the owner of the website, your address may get replaced in our records with the address for the site owner. This address is only used to enable the site owner to upgrade their listing to a featured listing if they so choose at a later date. Gun Pron does not give, sell or otherwise distribute or use submitted email addresses in any way.

Featured Listings:

  • Same rules and guidelines as for standard listings applies.
  • Featured listings remain featured for one year. After the featured period expires, featured listings become standard listings unless renewed.
  • You may include an additional (optional) link to a "deep" page (or page other than the domain root).
  • The "featured icon" field allows you to enter a URL to an image hosted on your website to be displayed next to your listing. Images should be 128x128 pixels.

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